What is the best type of life insurance policy?

Author: Ken Sutton

Well, this is kind of a trick question, because there is not a single policy that is considered “the best”. Life insurance is like a vehicle. Some vehicles are 2 wheel drive, some are 4 wheel drive, some tow and haul some drive fast… you get the picture. Life insurance is the same way. Some policies last forever, some expire, some build cash value some don’t…. I know this may be a little bit more difficult to understand. We always recommend talking to an agent to help you figure out which policy is best for you.

Check out this brief video explanation.

One thing is for sure, if you are covering a funeral, whole life insurance is certainly “The Best” policy to do so. This policy never increases, the amount of coverage never changes and the coverage will be there when you die, as long as you make your payments.