Sproutt Life Insurance Review

Sproutt Life Insurance: A Comprehensive Insurtech Marketplace Overview

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Sproutt is an insurtech company that lets you shop for life insurance through an online marketplace. Using data and artificial intelligence, Sproutt can connect you with a wide range of top life insurance options with flexible coverage amounts and terms. The broker has multiple insurance policies available to fit your unique needs, with a simple online application process and no medical exam required.

About Sproutt as an insurtech company

In the evolving landscape of the insurance industry, insurtech companies are leading the way in revolutionizing how consumers interact with insurance products. Sproutt is a shining example of this innovative shift.

Sproutt is an insurtech firm that has seamlessly merged the world of insurance with cutting-edge technology. Their primary aim is to simplify the process of shopping for life insurance, making it as user-friendly and efficient as possible for their customers. This is achieved through an online marketplace that offers a plethora of life insurance options to cater to diverse needs.

One of the standout features of Sproutt is its use of data and artificial intelligence. By leveraging these technologies, the company can swiftly match individuals with a wide array of top-tier life insurance options, which come with varied coverage amounts and terms. This approach ensures that customers receive tailored recommendations that resonate with their unique requirements and lifestyle.

Sproutt’s approach to modern insurance isn’t just limited to its technology but also extends to its policies. The company offers the advantage of a simple online application process, and notably, there’s no medical exam required for many of their insurance options. This is a game-changer for many, especially for those who are young and healthy and looking for a swift and hassle-free insurance application experience.

Furthermore, Sproutt collaborates with multiple insurance providers. This association empowers them to present a broader spectrum of options than what a traditional insurance company might offer. The emphasis is on providing more choices and flexibility to the customer, underlining Sproutt’s commitment to elevating the user experience.

In essence, this Sproutt Life Insurance Review stands as a testament to how technology can enhance and simplify the insurance-buying journey, making it more accessible, tailored, and customer-centric. Their insurtech-driven approach showcases the future of insurance, where technology meets personalization to deliver optimal solutions.

Role of data and AI in Sproutt’s model

In the dynamic world of insurance, insurtech companies are on the frontline, driving change and offering more streamlined services to their clients. Sproutt is at the forefront of this evolution, and a significant element behind its transformative approach is its utilization of data and artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s a deeper look into the role of data and AI in Sproutt’s business model.

Personalized Recommendations

The fundamental strength of AI lies in its ability to process vast amounts of data rapidly and derive meaningful insights. Sproutt capitalizes on this by analyzing a myriad of data points related to an individual’s lifestyle, health, and insurance needs. This granular data analysis allows Sproutt to connect customers with life insurance options that are not just generic but tailored to their unique circumstances.

Efficiency and Speed

Traditional insurance methods often involve long application processes and waiting periods. Sproutt’s reliance on data-driven algorithms streamlines this, offering a more straightforward online application process. The ability of AI to instantly process and evaluate application data means quicker responses and potentially faster policy approvals.

Dynamic Pricing Models

Sproutt’s use of data allows it to adopt a more dynamic pricing model. While the rates might not always be the cheapest, they’re determined using a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s data. AI’s role ensures that the pricing, though possibly higher than other providers, is reflective of an individual’s unique risk profile, considering factors like age, health, and lifestyle habits.

Enhanced User Experience

The integration of AI extends to tools that enhance user experience. For instance, Sproutt offers an online calculator, which likely uses data and AI to provide instant estimates on coverage costs based on the user’s inputs.

No-Medical Exam Policies

Traditional life insurance often requires medical examinations to determine policy terms and pricing. With the advanced analytics capabilities of AI, Sproutt can offer policies that don’t necessitate medical exams for many of their options. This is a direct result of AI’s capability to assess risk using alternative data points.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

AI models, especially those rooted in machine learning, thrive on continuous data intake. This means that as more users interact with Sproutt’s platform, the AI systems become better at making predictions, offering recommendations, and enhancing overall user experience.

Understanding Insurtech and Brokers

Insurtech is a fusion of the words “insurance” and “technology.” It refers to the innovative use of technology to streamline and enhance the insurance process. From automating insurance claims to utilizing data analytics for personalized insurance offerings, insurtech aims to revolutionize the way we think about and interact with insurance.

Brokers, on the other hand, act as intermediaries between insurance companies and potential policyholders. They are professionals who can assess an individual’s insurance needs, provide informed advice, and then source the best insurance policies from multiple providers to fit those needs. Brokers can often negotiate terms, conditions, and premiums based on their understanding of the market and their relationships with insurance companies.

How Sproutt differs from traditional insurers

Traditional insurers usually operate with an established set of offerings and often require face-to-face interactions, paperwork, and sometimes lengthy processes for underwriting and claim settlements.

Sproutt, as described in the content, utilizes cutting-edge insurtech solutions to stand out:

Data and AI

Sproutt leverages artificial intelligence to understand an individual’s unique insurance needs. This allows for more personalized and potentially accurate policy recommendations.

No Medical Exam

While most traditional insurers might require medical examinations to assess risk, Sproutt provides options that don’t require this step, making the process faster and more convenient.

Online Marketplace

Sproutt functions as an online marketplace, connecting users with a range of top life insurance options. This approach provides users with a variety of choices and flexibility that might be limited with traditional insurers.

The advantages of an online marketplace for insurance

Online insurance marketplaces, like Sproutt, are revolutionizing the way individuals shop for and manage their insurance needs. They offer unparalleled convenience by allowing users to explore a wide range of insurance options from various providers, all in one place. This centralized approach ensures that users can easily compare different policies, ensuring they secure the best deal tailored to their unique needs. Moreover, the integration of data and artificial intelligence streamlines the application process, providing personalized recommendations and swift approvals. Such platforms negate the need for multiple face-to-face meetings or lengthy phone calls, making the entire insurance procurement process efficient, transparent, and user-friendly.

Variety and Comparison

Online marketplaces provide users with a wide range of options from various providers. This breadth allows users to compare different policies side-by-side, ensuring they find the best fit for their needs.


Users can access online marketplaces anytime and anywhere, reducing the need for physical visits or lengthy phone calls. The application processes are often simplified, saving users time and effort.

Tailored Recommendations

With the use of AI and data analytics, online insurance marketplaces can provide personalized policy recommendations based on the user’s individual circumstances.


Online platforms often come with reviews, ratings, and detailed policy descriptions, allowing users to make informed decisions.


By reducing overheads associated with traditional operations, online marketplaces can often offer competitive rates. Additionally, by offering multiple quotes, users can ensure they are getting value for their money.

The Application Process

The Application Process for Sproutt Life Insurance is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Leveraging its insurtech capabilities, Sproutt provides a streamlined online application, allowing prospective clients to explore life insurance options tailored to their unique needs. After answering a series of questions regarding health, lifestyle, and other relevant factors, applicants are connected with suitable life insurance policies. Notably, most of the policies do not require a medical exam, making the application process even more convenient. The online system ensures a secure and confidential experience, and with the added benefit of Sproutt’s Quality of Life Index, users can get personalized advice and estimated rates based on their lifestyle choices.

Overview of the online application

Sproutt’s insurtech platform provides a seamless and user-friendly online application process. As a modern marketplace, Sproutt leverages the power of data and artificial intelligence to tailor insurance offerings for every applicant. Its design ensures applicants find the best fit for their unique requirements without the traditional hassles.

Steps to secure a quote

To secure a quote with Sproutt Life Insurance, users start by accessing the online portal and answering a few simple questions about their health, lifestyle, and other factors that might affect their coverage. Based on the responses, Sproutt recommends the best life insurance options tailored to the individual’s needs. Furthermore, the company provides an online calculator, allowing users to input basic personal information and receive an estimated quote, helping them decide if proceeding with the application is worthwhile.

Initial Information Gathering

Start by visiting Sproutt’s platform and providing basic details about yourself. This includes age, lifestyle habits, health-related information, and other relevant factors that influence life insurance terms.

Quality of Life Index Assessment

After the initial details, applicants are guided to the Quality of Life Index. This is a special feature that evaluates one’s lifestyle choices, determining how they might affect overall health and longevity. By answering a set of questions, you’ll be given a score. This score can help unlock personalized advice and even give an estimated rate for potential life insurance coverage.

Receiving Personalized Recommendations

Based on the details you’ve provided, Sproutt’s system will use AI to recommend the best life insurance options suitable for your circumstances. This removes the guesswork and ensures you’re only shown the most relevant policies.

Finalizing the Application

Once you’ve reviewed the recommended options and made a selection, you can complete a comprehensive online form. After approval, payment can be processed directly online using a credit card.

Instant Quotation

For those not ready to complete the full application, Sproutt also offers an online calculator. Simply input some basic information, and you’ll receive an estimated insurance quote. This feature aids in deciding whether progressing with a full application is the right choice.

Assurance on data security and confidentiality

Sproutt places a significant emphasis on ensuring that the application process is both secure and confidential. When users access the online portal to get a life insurance quote or apply for coverage, they are assured that their personal information will be protected. Instead of the traditional method of meeting with multiple insurance agents or making lengthy phone calls, users can complete their application online within a few minutes. Throughout this digital process, Sproutt ensures that the user’s data is kept confidential, underscoring the company’s commitment to data security and the privacy of its customers.

Types of Insurance Policies and Features

Navigating the vast world of life insurance can be daunting, but Sproutt has streamlined this process with its diverse range of policies tailored for individual needs. Delve into the various types of insurance policies and unique features Sproutt offers to understand how it stands out in the insurtech landscape.

Term Life Insurance


  • Term life insurance premiums are influenced by factors such as age, health, and life expectancy.
  • Provides coverage for a specific period or term.
  • Can be utilized to replace lost income, settle debts, and cover expenses like funeral costs, college planning, and inheritance taxes.
  • Online application process with approvals possible in minutes.

Whole Life Insurance


  • Provides coverage for the entire life of the policyholder, as long as premiums are paid.
  • Upon the death of the policyholder, a predetermined sum is paid out to beneficiaries.
  • Beneficiaries can utilize the payout to manage expenses like funeral costs, debts, and daily living expenses.

Understanding no-exam policies

No-exam life insurance policies offer coverage without the need for a medical examination, simplifying and speeding up the application process. Instead of a physical exam, these policies determine eligibility and premium rates based on factors like age, gender, and medical history. Particularly appealing to those in good health or with busy lifestyles, no-exam policies present a hassle-free way to secure life insurance coverage.

Features of No-Exam Policies:

  • Convenience: Most life insurance policies necessitate a medical examination which can be both time-consuming and inconvenient. Sproutt’s no-exam policies skip this step entirely.
  • Quick Approval: Without the need for a medical exam, the approval process can be expedited. Especially beneficial for those who are young and healthy with no significant health issues.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: These policies offer similar coverage levels to traditional policies. The insurer typically bases the eligibility and rates on factors such as age, gender, and medical history.
  • Cost: No-exam policies might be priced higher due to the risk associated with not having a comprehensive health examination. However, the convenience and speed can offset this cost for many.

Diverse range of policy options through multiple carriers

Sproutt offers a diverse range of life insurance policies by collaborating with multiple carriers. This not only ensures that customers have access to various coverage options tailored to their unique needs but also increases their chances of approval. By partnering with a multitude of insurance companies, Sproutt can cater to different individual requirements and circumstances, giving clients a broader spectrum of choices.

  • Diversity in Policy Selection: Sproutt collaborates with a plethora of top-tier life insurance companies, granting users access to a wide array of policies, each boasting unique features and pricing models. This diversity ensures that there’s a policy tailored for every individual, fitting their unique life situation.
  • Higher Approval Chances: As each carrier has its own set of approval criteria, having a variety of options increases the chances of obtaining coverage. If one carrier declines, another might be more inclined to offer a policy.
  • Customized Solutions: Based on health, lifestyle, and other pertinent factors, Sproutt recommends the most suitable life insurance options. The array of choices means that each individual can find a plan that’s most aligned with their needs.

In conclusion, Sproutt offers a holistic platform that caters to varied life insurance needs. Their collaboration with multiple carriers provides a range of options, ensuring that individuals can find the perfect policy that aligns with their circumstances and requirements. Their no-exam policies further simplify the process, making life insurance more accessible and convenient for all.

How different insurance carriers determine eligibility

Sproutt offers a diverse range of life insurance policies by collaborating with multiple carriers. This not only ensures that customers have access to various coverage options tailored to their unique needs but also increases their chances of approval. By partnering with a multitude of insurance companies, Sproutt can cater to different individual requirements and circumstances, giving clients a broader spectrum of choices.

Benefits of Using Sproutt

Sproutt, an insurtech company, offers a user-friendly online marketplace for life insurance, utilizing data and artificial intelligence to connect users with a variety of top life insurance options tailored to their needs. The platform boasts a streamlined online application process with no medical exams required for most policies. Moreover, with its partnerships with multiple insurance providers, Sproutt provides flexibility in coverage and terms, and its team of licensed agents ensures guidance throughout the selection process. Additionally, users can benefit from an online calculator to estimate their rates before committing.

Simplified and efficient application procedure

The traditional process of applying for life insurance is often laden with paperwork and lengthy approval times. Sproutt has addressed this pain point by offering a digitized and streamlined application procedure. Through an intuitive online portal, potential customers can obtain life insurance quotes and initiate the application process. A series of relevant questions guides the user, gathering data about their health, lifestyle, and other pertinent factors. Based on this data, Sproutt tailors recommendations, making the decision-making process straightforward for the user. The entire application can be wrapped up in minutes, a testament to its efficiency.

Access to multiple insurance carriers

A unique value proposition of Sproutt is its wide range of partnerships with top-tier life insurance companies. Instead of being restricted to the offerings of a single provider, customers can explore a plethora of options from various carriers. This not only provides them with diverse policy features and pricing options but also increases the chances of approval. Different carriers have their own set of approval criteria. Therefore, if one company declines a user based on certain factors, another might be more accommodating. This multi-carrier model ensures that customers have multiple shots at obtaining coverage, even if they’ve faced rejections in the past.

No-exam policy options

The medical exam, a standard requirement by many life insurance providers, can often be a deterrent for potential policyholders. Recognizing this, Sproutt offers no-exam life insurance policies. These policies assess eligibility and rate determination based on factors such as age, gender, and medical history, eliminating the need for a physical medical exam. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who are young and healthy with no significant health issues. The no-exam policy doesn’t just ease the application process but also expedites approval times compared to traditional policies.

Licensed agent support

Even with a digitized process, the complexities of insurance can sometimes be overwhelming. To assist users in their journey, Sproutt has a team of licensed agents ready to provide guidance. These agents can help clarify doubts, offer insights on the right policy and coverage amounts, and ensure that users make informed decisions. Their expertise is a valuable resource, especially for those new to life insurance. With their support, users can navigate the insurance landscape confidently, knowing they have expert advice at their fingertips.

Financial Strength and Trustworthiness

When it comes to life insurance, the financial strength and trustworthiness of the company or broker play a pivotal role in ensuring the beneficiaries receive the death benefit when the time comes. These factors determine the company’s ability to fulfill its promises to its policyholders and demonstrate reliability in potential long-term commitments.

Affiliated insurance companies and their financial stability

Sproutt, as an insurtech company, acts as a bridge, connecting potential customers with a range of top-tier life insurance providers. The financial fortitude of these affiliated companies is paramount since they are the entities underwriting and paying out the policies.

Among the companies Sproutt collaborates with are names like Banner Life, TruStage, and SBLI. Each of these companies boasts a commendable track record in the insurance industry. Their reputation is built on years, sometimes decades, of fulfilling claims, managing risks, and maintaining strong reserves. Such a reputation establishes a precedent of trustworthiness and suggests that these companies have the resources and intent to pay out claims as they arise.

Moreover, while Sproutt itself may not have been rated by third-party evaluators like AM Best, the fact that they work with companies that are known for their financial stability instills confidence in policyholders. The financial health of these affiliated companies ensures that they have the necessary assets to manage liabilities, even in unforeseen adverse economic conditions.

Relevance of third-party ratings like AM Best

Third-party ratings play a crucial role in the life insurance industry. Organizations like AM Best assess and rate insurance companies based on their ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations, essentially gauging their financial strength and performance.

AM Best’s ratings are a trusted benchmark in the insurance world. They evaluate a variety of factors, including balance sheet strength, operating performance, and business profile, to provide a holistic view of the company’s financial health. A high rating from AM Best signals to policyholders and potential customers that the insurance company has a robust financial foundation, is well-capitalized, and has the means to manage its liabilities efficiently.

For customers, these ratings offer an impartial perspective, helping them make informed decisions. Even though Sproutt itself isn’t rated by AM Best, the ratings of its affiliated companies can serve as a proxy for the kind of financial reliability customers can expect.

In essence, third-party ratings like those from AM Best bolster transparency in the insurance industry, offering an added layer of reassurance to individuals when choosing their life insurance provider.

Accessibility and User Experience

Choosing the right life insurance is often a complex process, given the myriad of options available and the personalized nature of coverage. To simplify this journey, companies like Sproutt have invested in enhancing accessibility and improving the user experience, ensuring that users have a seamless and straightforward process when selecting and purchasing their policies.

Availability across states and age limitations

One of the key aspects of accessibility for an insurance broker is its reach—how widely available its services are across various locations. While Sproutt does not explicitly confirm its availability in every state, it does mention that their insurance brokers are licensed in each state where they conduct business. This suggests a broad reach, ensuring that a vast majority of potential customers can access their platform and services.

Another aspect of accessibility is the age limitation. While many insurance providers have varied age restrictions for their policies, Sproutt’s life insurance coverage is specifically available for individuals aged below 60. This age limit potentially focuses on a demographic that’s more likely to be considering life insurance as they navigate the middle stages of their lives, making financial and legacy decisions.

Features of the online portal, including the insurance calculator

The digital age has ushered in the expectation of online convenience, and Sproutt’s online portal appears to deliver on this front. Their simplified online application process is touted as being straightforward and easy to complete. Users are guided through a series of questions about their health, lifestyle, and other pertinent factors that influence their life insurance coverage options. Such an interactive approach ensures that customers are provided with policies that best fit their unique circumstances.

Furthermore, once the recommended life insurance options are presented, users can complete an online form and make payments directly through the portal. This eliminates the traditional hassles associated with life insurance applications, such as in-person meetings or lengthy phone calls, making the process quicker and more efficient.

A notable feature of Sproutt’s online portal is the free insurance calculator. This tool provides prospective customers with an estimate of how much they would be charged for coverage, giving them an opportunity to understand the potential costs before diving deeper into the application process. The insurance calculator aids in transparency and allows users to budget and make informed decisions.

Moreover, Sproutt’s team of licensed agents is available to guide users, further enhancing the user experience. They offer assistance in choosing the right policy and determining the apt coverage amount, ensuring that customers are well-informed and confident in their insurance decisions.

In summary, Sproutt’s focus on accessibility and user experience is evident in its widespread availability, age-specific targeting, and a user-friendly online portal complete with tools like the insurance calculator. Such features make the often daunting task of choosing life insurance more manageable and transparent for potential policyholders.

Customer Feedback and Reputation

In today’s interconnected digital age, understanding a company’s reputation through customer feedback is more crucial than ever. For potential policyholders, customer reviews, ratings, and feedback offer a window into the real-life experiences of those who have already ventured down the path they’re considering. Sproutt, being a player in the insurtech space, is no exception to this dynamic, with its reputation being influenced and shaped by the voices of its users.

Tools and methods to evaluate customer feedback

Evaluating customer feedback requires a multi-faceted approach, considering both the quality and quantity of the feedback sources. Various tools and platforms serve this purpose, each offering different insights into a company’s performance and customer satisfaction levels:

  1. Online Review Platforms: Websites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot are invaluable tools for businesses and consumers alike. They provide platforms for users to share their experiences and for potential customers to gauge a company’s credibility and reliability. For Sproutt, while the singular review on BBB might not be entirely representative, its Trustpilot ratings tell a more comprehensive story, with an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 400 reviews.
  2. Company Website: Some companies feature customer testimonials or feedback sections on their websites. Although these are often curated, they can provide insights into common praises or concerns.
  3. Social Media and Forums: Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit allow for real-time feedback and discussions about a company’s services. Here, users often share candid experiences, both positive and negative.
  4. Customer Service Interactions: Direct communication with a company’s support team, like Sproutt’s, offers insights into its responsiveness, knowledge, and ability to resolve concerns.

Importance of reviews and ratings in gauging satisfaction

  1. Trust and Credibility: Reviews and ratings help build trust. A high average rating indicates consistent positive experiences, whereas diverse reviews (both positive and negative) offer transparency, making the feedback more believable.
  2. Informed Decision Making: Reviews provide potential customers with a realistic expectation of the product or service. For instance, Sproutt’s high rating on Trustpilot suggests a reliable and efficient service, with many users appreciating the ease of the process and quality of communication.
  3. Highlight Strengths and Weaknesses: Feedback illuminates what a company does well and where it might be lacking. While Sproutt’s no-exam policies and online calculator are frequently praised, its pricing is seen as slightly above average, giving potential customers a holistic view.
  4. Continuous Improvement: Companies can utilize feedback for continuous improvement. Negative reviews, while potentially damaging, can also serve as constructive feedback, pointing businesses like Sproutt towards areas of potential enhancement.

In conclusion, the power of customer feedback in shaping and understanding a company’s reputation cannot be overstated. In the case of Sproutt, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from multiple sources underscores its commitment to providing quality services, making it a compelling choice for those seeking life insurance solutions.

How to Determine the Right Insurance Option

In the ever-evolving landscape of insurance, specifically life insurance, potential policyholders are often confronted with a myriad of choices. From term life policies to whole life options, riders, and policy exclusions, the decision-making process can seem daunting. To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to understand the different aspects of life insurance and how they can impact you and your beneficiaries.

Factors to consider while evaluating life insurance

  1. Purpose and Need: Before diving into the specifics, identify the primary reason for purchasing life insurance. Is it to provide financial security for your family, cover outstanding debts, or fund future educational expenses for your children?
  2. Type of Coverage: The market offers a range of options, from term life insurance, which provides coverage for a specific period, to whole life insurance that offers lifelong coverage coupled with an investment component.
  3. Coverage Amount: Consider how much coverage you might need. Factors like current debts, future expenses, and the standard of living you wish to provide for your family play a role in determining this.
  4. Duration of the Policy: Based on your age and the age of your beneficiaries, choose a policy length that aligns with your needs.
  5. Cost: While the cheapest policy isn’t always the best, it’s essential to find an option that offers value and fits within your budget.
  6. Financial Stability of the Provider: It’s essential to choose a provider with a solid financial background to ensure they can fulfill their obligations when the time comes.
  7. Flexibility: As life circumstances change, you may need to adjust your policy. Choose a provider that offers flexibility in terms of increasing or decreasing coverage or switching between policy types.

Things to know about underwriting, exclusions, and riders

  1. Underwriting Process: Underwriting is the method insurance companies use to assess the risk associated with an applicant. They review medical history, lifestyle choices, and sometimes even genetic information. Companies like Sproutt use data and AI to streamline this process, often offering no-exam policies based on factors such as age, gender, and medical history.
  2. Policy Exclusions: These are specific conditions or circumstances under which the insurance policy won’t pay out. Common exclusions might include death due to dangerous activities or specific pre-existing conditions. Always be clear about these exclusions to avoid surprises later.
  3. Riders: These are additional benefits or endorsements that can be added to your policy, usually at an extra cost. Examples include the accidental death benefit (pays an added benefit if death is due to an accident) or a waiver of premium (where premiums are waived if the policyholder becomes disabled). It’s wise to consider what riders might be beneficial based on your individual circumstances and needs.

In conclusion, while the task of choosing the right life insurance can seem challenging, understanding the core components and how they align with your unique needs can simplify the process. The key is to be well-informed, ask the right questions, and choose a provider that aligns with your values and requirements.

Final Takeaways

Choosing the right life insurance provider can be daunting, given the plethora of choices available today. However, making an informed decision involves considering various factors, which Sproutt caters to, though with some reservations. Let’s delve into the details.

Summarizing the pros and cons


  • Online Marketplace Offering: Sproutt is an insurtech company, setting it apart by providing an online platform where one can shop for life insurance, connecting users with a myriad of top life insurance options. This modern approach is user-friendly, catering to a tech-savvy audience.
  • Variety & Simplicity: By collaborating with multiple insurance providers, Sproutt offers a diverse range of policy options. Furthermore, the online application process is simplified, saving users the hassle of prolonged paperwork or meetings with agents.
  • No-Exam Policies: For those apprehensive about medical exams or those looking for a swift approval process, Sproutt provides no-exam life insurance policies. It’s particularly beneficial for younger individuals with no significant health concerns.


  • Eligibility Concerns: While the no-exam policy is an attractive feature, it comes with a caveat. If your medical history flags high risks, Sproutt can reject your application.
  • Pricing: The cost of Sproutt’s life insurance tends to be on the higher side. Monthly premiums start at $29 for $500,000 in coverage and $49 for $1,000,000 in coverage for healthy individuals. While these numbers vary based on personal factors, there might be more budget-friendly options in the market.

Positioning of Sproutt in the life insurance industry

Sproutt has etched a significant mark in the life insurance domain, especially among digital-first consumers. Their emphasis on utilizing data and artificial intelligence to connect users with the right insurance options is innovative.

Being among the top life insurance brokers, Sproutt promises a seamless user experience, rapid application processes, and a broad spectrum of insurance choices. Their modern approach and alignment with current technological advancements position them ahead of traditional insurance companies, especially among younger demographics.

Financially, while they don’t have a direct rating from AM Best, their partnerships with stalwarts like Banner Life, TruStage, and SBLI speak volumes about their credibility. The positive reception on Trustpilot, averaging 4.8 stars from over 400 reviews, further cements their reputation in the industry.

However, the slightly higher pricing is a factor they might need to work on to stay competitive. Nonetheless, Sproutt’s unique selling points, especially its digital-forward approach, make it a strong contender in the life insurance sector.