Final Expense Planning Guide

Author: Ken Sutton

Planning our final expenses is not a hot topic at the dinner table. Yet, if you are reading this you probably understand it is a topic we need to take seriously. It is certainly worth taking some time to figure this stuff out. Heres the thing, if you dont talk about or plan this, when you die, someone else will need to. This can be extremely confusing and difficult. As you can imagine there is a ton of work that needs completed, apart from grieving; trying to plan a funeral, figure out if there is life insurance, contacting the right people and places, deadlines, cleaning out a home or apartment, selling or getting rid of items, time off work and the list goes on. Not to mention the cost..often times people are blindsided by the actual cost of loosing a loved one. Nothing can make up for the loss, but proper planning can remove any financial burden and clear up any confusion as to who needs contacted and what to do.

We are going to make this very simple for you and your loved ones so everyone can be as prepared as possible. Here is a guide that is designed to help you create a roadmap for your family, rather than leaving behind a jigsaw puzzle, when you pass. If you would like a more detailed understanding to the costs and hurdles of you or a loved ones final expenses, then read on. Below you can download your no cost, funeral planning guide. Although we can’t predict the future, we can help stand more prepared.