Burial Insurance

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Burial insurance is designed to pay a 100%, Tax Free death benefit in order for your loved ones to pay for your final expense. This money can be used however needed. Most often it is used to pay for a funeral, burial, cremation and other other remaining medical bills or debt.

Burial insurance is another name for Whole Life Insurance. This type of policy will never expire, the rates will never increase and the coverage will never decrease. Everything Is 100% locked for the lifetime of the insured. Here at Apogee Quote, we work with the top, A rated, final expense life insurance companies to ensure you have the best policy as the best rates. These policies are state regulated and often times come with living benefits.

Living benefits allow you to access your policy, while you are still alive, if you have a major health event or are terminally ill. Contact an agent to learn more about what type of no cost riders come with your policy.

If you already have a policy and need a review, we are here to help. We can help you review your coverage, order a copy of the policy, update beneficiaries or help with any other needs. Even if you did not get your policy from one of our agents, we will still help you, at no cost, service your existing coverage.

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