The Application Process

Author: Ken Sutton

The application process for Final Expense Life Insurance is extremely simple, safe and secure. It can be done in a simple phone, typically less than 45 minutes! That’s right, when you speak with a licensed agent, they are trained to be able to compare quotes with all of the top carriers, show you which carrier will give you the best plan (the most amount of coverage for the least amount of cost) and even help you get approved.

The typical phone call starts off with the agent introducing themselves, asking how they can help and then listening to what you need. If you are unsure of your needs, our agents can educate you on the cost of what the average funeral and final expenses are to help ensure you would have enough coverage. If you already know the amount of coverage you are interested in we can get you a quote within minutes of starting a phone call.

After you and your agent discuss your needs and best insurance options it is up to you if you decide to apply for coverage. The agent will help you fill out the application and submit it to the carrier, with you on the line. Our carriers are able to give you an instant decision when you apply, that way you know, right away if you have been approved. There are no medical exams, our carriers use automated underwriting to make this process fast and easy. If for some reason you are not approved for the coverage applied for the agent can then apply with another carrier without any hassle.

Sometimes the life insurance carrier does not approve the policy as applied for. Thats ok, you and your agent can then apply with the next best carrier. It’s typically only a few dollars difference. This is one of the huge benefits of working with ApogeeQuote. We guarantee that we can find you a plan that will insure you as long as you are within the ages of 50 and 80.

Once approved for coverage, the amount you pay, it will NEVER increase, and the coverage will NEVER expire or decrease as long as you maintain your regular premium payments (Monthly, quarterly, annually or semi-annualy). That’s right, even if you live until age 110, or beyond, your policy will be there for you at the same rate as when you applied.

Also, Some policies are paid up before you reach age 100. What does that mean? That means you would no longer be required to make your premium payments and the policy will be there for your family when you leave this world.

As you can see applying for Final Expense Life Insurance is simple, safe and secure. Your information is kept private and there is never any judgment.